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16th October 2019 
Clinical & Pregnancy Related REFLEXOLOGY #01

What is Reflexology?

This is a clinic based non-invasive body treatment that is usually produces very individual responses. Reflexology helps the body to restore its balance naturally. With this very personal treatment you might notice after effects such as, feeling a reduction in physical tension and relieve pain, you may sleep better and find some improvement in your mood or general feeling of wellbeing. Whilst these changes can happen on an individual basis, Reflexology may also be a way to moderate chronic stresses of modern life. For prices and special offers click here

Reflexology considers all aspects of your lifestyle to plan the most suitable approach to your treatments and can be used by the whole family, from pre-conception sub-fertility and fertility issues to older people, through all stages of life. To understand how stress benefits you and reduce any detrimental affects persistent stress has an update on your health history is taken. The consultation also helps us agree a confidential treatment plan designed specifically for you.

Preconception, Pregnancy & Post Natal Care Reflexology for both women and men on their parenthood journey. During the pre-conception phase treatments are designed to encourage your most favourable health and well being conditions by harmonising your emotional resilience, regulating your hormonal balance and helping to supporting the healthiest function of all your body systems.

With all clients individual treatment are arranged in response to your particular requirements, including natural or medically assisted conception plans.

Reflexology can be included as a central part of your plans to help with your preparations to achieve lifestyle balances necessary to become pregnant, address any pregnancy related conditions including nausea, heart burn, constipation, back and muscle aches that may occur when carrying your baby healthily to full term. The programme is structured to assist with your delivery preparations and post natal care when dealing with such concerns as lack of sleep, milk production, physical pain, digestive issues and the return of normal menstruation.

Research has shown that regular Reflexology (once every 1 - 4 weeks) helps to reduce discomfort including the length of the first phase of labour, reduce labour pains and aids sleep.

Pre-Birth Preparation Reflexology
These treatments are for women who are 37 weeks or more pregnant or over their due date. The treatment combines agreed strong specialist techniques with soothing Reflexology with breathing and visualisation to help you stay in connection with your baby (ies) and fully integrated in your body as part of your preparations for the birth. They have been developed for expectant mums with good, limited or no experience of Reflexology to support overall levels of relaxation, wellbeing as well as help with transition through the birth experience. At your first appointment a full consultation is taken and Reflexology treatment is given. With these treatments more than on treatment a week may be advised and after 39 weeks this may increase up to a treatment every other day. Home visits appointments can be arranged. For Birth Preparation Reflexology Special Offer click here

How can Reflexology help me?
Reflexology applies agreed pressure to your body, including case lower legs, feet and/ or hands, arms; this experience is like having a massage that works from the inside out. For these treatments you will be able to rest in a comfortable position, usually shoes and socks are the most clothing that will need to be removed. From time to time passing feelings of discomfort may occur, however for the most part people usually notice an improved sense of wellbeing and restfulness as a result of having Reflexology.

Lower Limb & Foot Massage
This is a revitalising treatment for people who maybe spend a lot of time walking to and from different places or standing one position and want to relieve tired feet, aching calms & shins. Maybe you find yourself repeated going up and down stairs, maybe your sports workout cause a strain that you've been putting up with form a long time or maybe you spend a lot of your day sitting down? This massage treatment includes standing Reflexology points to promote circulation and encourage the elimination of toxins whilst supporting the cleansing processes of your lymphatic system.

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