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24th February 2018 
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Delta's interest in healthy living stems from working for over 6 years delivering combined reflexology & acupuncture clinics within the NHS, over this time she gained valuable clinical hours treating a range of people presenting differing health needs.

January 2018
As we emerge from festivities how did you fair over the holidays, are you taking time to adjust to shifting gears back into regular routines or have you already moved on and maybe even trying out fresh ideas for this New Year.

Recently during a spontaneous chat with a taxi driver about tackling deeply ingrained dehydration, I realised during our short trip with heavy food shopping that for now eating alkaline foods are great choices for me. Along with profoundly better hydration I’ve had improved quality sleep and am better able to pace myself throughout the day. And yes I do go to the bathroom more its true but for me that’s a good thing.

Feedback from my medium term cycle clients tells me the changes I’ve made are helping me keep on track with connecting to essential expectations they have for their Clapham reflexology and acupuncture treatments. Through changes in pace, prioritising helping to create spaces within you that gently shift between relaxation, balance and energised qualities whilst offering bespoke blends of different styles appointments provide you with a range of experiences.

Starting this New Year embracing it’s transformative potential through the nurturing benefits of acupuncture and the body conditioning improvements from regular reflexology can help you embody marked change. Alongside these the cleansing power of water, be it plain, coconut or water combined with foods like cucumber, limes, lemons etc can bring about growth. So far, what has making alternative choices been like for you, particularly when faced with developments potentially contrary to your resolved intensions been like. By responding in fresh ways along with the healing power of therapeutic encouragement your Clapham reflexology and acupuncture treatments give, you’ll be supported as you’re shaping this year into one best suited to fulfilling your needs.

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December 2017
At this time of year we may have many demands made of us and our time challenged by competing needs, all of which can tax our energies.
By talking with Clapham reflexology and acupuncture clients, there’s an emerging theme of a common desire to pursue a mixed approach to maintaining health priorities during the festive season. These balancing processes which may come about through trial and error could tests where our individual lines are to be drawn. In some ways these are also times where we might find out how our choices over the recent past sustains our resolve in the face of the range of festive expectations both from our self and others. If you’re also living with chronic health conditions are you planning to loosen up a little or perhaps finding tones which keeps you relatively well and connected to the spirit of these times.

On top of the usual festive considerations we in the northern hemisphere are settling into winter. We occupy a more shallow angle to the sun, bringing us shorter day light and a drop in temperature. A time for slowing down as even the most familiar things like going around in our local neighbourhood can with the potential for snow, ice or just the cold can seem to take longer to achieve.

With all these changes to the rhythm of days to negotiate Clapham reflexology and acupuncture offers antidotes which help us to regain our equilibrium and reboot us into our more vibrant grounded self. Given the potential for emotional challenges between now and the end of the year proactively receiving or giving gifts of reflexology and acupuncture can remind us of our brilliance whilst acting as essential pathways helping us stay in touch with all we hold most dear.

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November 2017
The season is shifting and we’re now adding more layers as times get colder. It’s at this time I feel more inclined to cover up but wonder if this means I also shrink Into myself a little physically. I know that our bodies tend to need more time than our brains to make changes and if stimulated a tendency to fall back into old tense patterns is an ongoing challenge.

Partly this can be about building or reconnecting with beneficial muscle memory to help us unwind from gripped physical tension.

Throughout my Clapham yoga coaching sessions I encourage participants to engage with their breath and when in different shapes to observe how their body weight feels.  By bringing mindful attention through our breathing to physical sensations or even our poor awareness of where we hold tension, the beneficial effects of letting go of the varying amounts of pent up stress through yoga coaching has a similar effect to wellbeing sensations experienced after Reflexology. 

As we calm our body's stress response, we lower our blood pressure, heart and respiratory rates, meaning we also reduce the release of stress hormones and bring more synchronised patterns to our mind and body responses. Simultaneously we help with regulating our metabolic function, lowering inflammation thus changing the way our body reacts to stress - not just during a Clapham yoga coaching session, but potentially throughout the rest of the day. By flowing with feelings of wellness and embodying more self assured habits, as we move into a season of festive goodwill, the benefits we experience for ourselves can also be enjoyed by those around us.

(These research results come from a Yoga study, published in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology, looking at 2,768 participants with an average age of 50).

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October 2017
To some extent balancing therapeutic insight and client expectations is about holding a point of steadiness and moderation. Of course finding this equilibrium may shift especially when meeting someone for the first time. Explaining the practice of either reflexology or acupuncture in easy to understand ways can mean adjusting my sense of stability to accommodate each clients need for therapeutic healing. Sustaining a positive place of coexistence with clients is an important part of this process.

When addressing resistance from someone who’s unsure what’s likely to happen during their treatment, recalling my first experience of acupuncture often helps. At the time intellectually I understood acupuncture looked different to how it feels to receive. Emotionally, it was a very different proposition to my fear based assumptions about what was being done to me. So anxiety around allowing someone to insert fine hair like needles into you, in some ways is understandable. What helps is being guided into a better state of relaxation before hand. Also within an auricular (ear) group treatment session seeing others receiving acupuncture can give reassurance and being able to choose to have magnets or seeds placed on ear points rather than needling or even adjusting the number of needles used, may enable a person to feel they have options around their treatment choice.

Acupuncture’s benefits last for a long while after it has finished. Whilst1% of treatments are painful it is a safe effective evidence based treatment that's proven to provide pain relief, reduce inflammation, help improve sleep and promote circulation. Traditionally acupuncture has been used as a preventative treatment which aims to keep you fit and well. In recent times it can be prescribed for pain relief and is increasingly sort to help with fertility concerns, in emergency/ crises situations and for facial issues.

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September 2017
Coming back after the summer break I’ve noticed when suggesting an increase to the length of an appointment rather than the amount of pressure applied during a Clapham reflexology treatment I also explain a little more about the nature of rest that can be experienced when having reflexology. By sleeping during treatments your body's healing processes are better able to respond to reflexology's therapeutic touch.

Assuming the level of pressure exerted by your reflexologist links with the amount of benefit gained from treatments is to some extent misplaced. Whilst factors like the temperature in the place you have reflexology, how you're responding to stress in the lead up to treatments and even your rapport with the practitioner, can be an influence. Our ability to/ interest in switching off from external stimulation also plays a part in how we respond. It can take time to find an optimum balance where you transition into a restful state. For some a combination of reflexology with cross reflex works or visualisations or even acupuncture helps with these adjustments.

Your ability to withdraw from external stimulation or say an over-active mind is a crucial part of what Clapham reflexology encourages. Other factors such as how comfortable you are with allowing self protective impulses to have less priority and how easy changing pace is for you may also influence how much pressure you think you want. Being time generous towards your treatment mainly allows you the space to adjust to changes happening during reflexology.

By finding this restorative state and allowing its benefits to influence how you choose to be day to day, it's more likely you'll be able to let go of that which no longer has value for you and so give the best of yourself to the things and people that matter to you the most.

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July 2017
Whilst coaching a private yoga South London session for beginners new to Tibetan Yogas it’s been a privilege to see participants progress over time. It’s great to hear about how they’re enjoying improved stillness of mind and greater awareness of the synchronicity between thoughts and actions when moving through postures. Achieving these deep levels of relaxation where your mood shifts for the better is a significant part of practising these yogas along with having a intense workout. It’s a shift that brings you in touch with feelings of calm stability and is also a key aspect of the benefits of receiving Clapham reflexology treatments, where a similar state is brought about through therapeutic touch.

Holding a state of uncontrolled restfulness is where our mind’s unaffected by thoughts and the different limitations of our bodies has opportunities to un-grip from physical tension. This restful state is particularly helpful in promoting our repair and renew processes.

Having insights into how it feels to be physically well is something we can shift out of almost without noticing, depending on many factors including our mood, the days events, quality/ amount of sleep, deadlines, types of exercise we’re able to do etc. It’s this need to take time to restore our mental, physical, emotional or other states of wellbeing which can be key to promoting our vitality.

Of course self help is essential but other things like our social networks have a part to play as well as very personal re-grouping processes such as the range of foods we eat, the benefits from natural remedies and medicines like reflexology, yoga and acupuncture. It’s through including these personal approaches as a routine part of what we do that enhancing our ability to live with confidence in each moment may be supported.

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June 2017
In many ways these have been disturbing times in the UK generally and unsettling for our capital city in particular. Being challenged by hostile acts can certainly bring up fears around vulnerability and can trigger trust issues. However London is a resilient city.

It's this inner resolve we seem to default to and it’s something which really struck me when I went to visit Grenfell Tower. Here I found myself joining in their outside community sound system tribute, close to it’s base. This spontaneous day event happened amist the smell of the burnt out tower and ended as it had started by participants holding hands with those who were familiar and others who were not. We all faced the tower block for 1 minute silence. It was a heart touching emotionally restorative pause and a reminder of the impetus behind our gathering, a contrast to the vibrancy of the event.

During these exceptional times, a mixture of feelings surface. I could see significant value was given to embracing a more considerate attitude towards others. Within this there is of course, the need for suitable justice for those effected alongside the necessity to get up each morning and simply carry on.

The silence was an opportunity for stillness, to be fully present honouring others. A reconnection in a self assured way, to positive aspects of ourselves and all who participated.

This quality of stillness is something reflexology offers. A space to gather ourselves, where hurt can be assisted to be released. At the same time as we're opening to creating shifts in our moods. The restorative healing that may happen, can be supported by supplementary cross reflex work. Giving a tangible sense of reflexology's healing potential. In these challenging times reflexology offers us ways to maintain balance whilst focusing our intentions.

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May 2017
A client recently told me about his encounter with elephants and that whilst their weight is measured by the ton, their tread is relatively very light. This got me thinking about how might it be if we were to approach our physical selves and lives in a similar way.

An essential part of my training as a reflexologist was to bring a sense of the whole person into their understanding of self and go beyond massaging your feet, face or hands. This month I've been lucky enough to put this into practice with clients. Aches and physical tension are eased by integrating reflexology, with gentle breath and restorative stroking movements that engages our limbs.

These reflexology treatments encourages you to be confident in the heaviness of your body and through this sense of weightiness, acknowledge the protective influence of gravity as it anchors us to the ground. Through this acceptance of the full weight of our physical presence often we can find lightness and at times inner shifts that move us towards improved emotional wellbeing.

It’s an approach to reflexology that aims to release tension that can build in our body and plays a part in limiting us in various ways, be it our movement habits, the quality of rest we benefit from or our overall sense of ease. This released state is a place from where, applying what is to our advantage can be more clearly implemented.

Offering this extended reflexology service has proved helpful in giving clients a chance to feel more at ease in their bodies and more ready to let go of an almost protective need to, excessively grip on to physical tension.

A fear released state seems quite a good place to be as we fully shift into warmer longer summer days.

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April 2017
I've been working with a number of clients who are trying reflexology for the first time. Generally for someone who's new to this treatment, there's a tendency to be very cautious about it’s potential benefits. At the same time there's a willingness to see what it can offer them. When I had reflexology for the first time I was struck by how much more settled I felt in myself and wanted to share it’s transformative potential with others.

With new clients or those returning after navigating the demands of everyday life, I’m quietly supportive of their decision to make what is usually a significant commitment to looking after themselves. Introducing a new health habit into your weekly or bi-weekly schedule can throw up challenges such as, how to know if it's any help or could doing other things be more supportive, might an other remedy work the same or even better? In resolving these and other potentially limiting thoughts I encourage clients to observe how they are in the 24 - 72 hours after their treatments.

Reflexology as a nonverbal therapeutic treatment calls for a degree of familiarity between the client and reflexologist which in some cases might seem counter-intuitive. You are after all allowing someone you're initially not familiar with to touch you in a way that goes beyond a quick handshake. It’s more a way of encouraging you to take time to simply be and experience a growing sense of settling in your own skin.

At the same time these treatments aim to celebrate your ability to restore your sense of inner vitality and to as the writer Warsan Shire says "make peace with your body, it's not manmade, there are no flaws no mistakes."

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March 2017
Being a WOW (Women Of the World) stall holder
at London's South Bank Center - the Royal Festival Hall this month meant I had a day attending some of the events. Going to WOW certainly renewed my appreciation for the contributions made by women in shaping how our communities, nation and world as a whole evolves.

What was also clear was there's a lot more on offer than the program suggests and it was heartening to see a big emphasis on encouraging young girls from all over the country to learn about the contribution of women particularly in relation to the archives held by the Royal Festival Hall and the London Metropolitan Archive.

As a natural health practitioner I was struck by the contrast between focus on particular needs including providing essential supplies to refugees and women on low incomes like sanitary protection, or considering the choices we make in our early thirties/ forties (e.g. care giving, following a low profile profession etc.) can have on the future pensions we live on or looking at 'what the papers say' from an all women panel, to a womens comedy line up. In contrast my Reflexology stall seemed to provide a very personal space within the festival offering solace and rest. The stall seemed to become a port of call for people who wanted to try Reflexology for the first time and those who wanted to see if it was something worth pursuing for themselves or for their child/ren with chronic conditions as well as regulars who happily come back year after year.

So for me WOW encourages us all to talk about our lives and health goals from a gender bias perspective and supports our filtering these considerations, in relation to all aspects living including how we relate to the people we share it with.

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February 2017
With a new season fast approaching and the brighter day light stimulating our senses have you become more aware of the impact stress has on you. I'm finding I'm better able to shift out of a slightly more 'hunker down' approach to my day. And am becoming more and more pleasantly surprised to find I don’t need to rush back inside for extra layers.

This shock at anticipating what's needed compared with what's are appropriate, strikes me as similar to some clients approach to Reflexology. There's often an assumption between the strength of a practitioners pressure and the level of physical relief gained following a treatment. Once it's understood how reflexology techniques are not directly linked to how much pressure is applied, clients experiencing high levels of stress are usually happy being guided through a process which helps to unlock built up tensions in places like our neck jaw upper back hips and joints in general.

After treatments because of the amount of demands made on us, it can be easy to loose sight of this self-nourishing space. So similar to needing regular exercise it's important to set a return date for reflexology as a way to help stay refreshed and closely reconnected to our mental, emotional and physical well being.

In recent months, a growing number of clients have found a combination of reflexology acupuncture works well for them and report of lighter more focused feelings of ease following these appointments. Be it a course of Reflexology or an Acupuncture Reflexology combination, these treatments aim to help keep a warm connection to your heart and much like the title of Marie de Hennezel's book 'The Warmth of the Heart Prevents Your Body from Rusting' (ISBN: 9781447205852) can help you overcome temporary inconveniences introducing this routine self-care habit may bring.

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January 2017
Yeap Welcome to 2017
Decorators have long since been taken down, re-connections with family and friends have been made, gifts have been exchanged and maybe reviews are in hand. Might any New Year changes brought with them challenges internally and from the world beyond our control?

With the pace of life picking up there’s almost an automatic pull into frenetic metropolitan patterns. So making time to detox and energize after festive indulgences has its appeal. Do you have techniques for more mindful ways to flow with your day? Recently I decided to prioritize sleep and read about a no mobile phone in the bedroom tip as a way to stop that almost fluid action of waking and reaching for the phone. There may be many reasons why we need our phones close by such as to use it as an alarm for waking up but then there are some great alarms out there. A client told me about an alarm that gently incrementally increase in light similar to the rise of dawn. What kind of morning alarms have you come across that might work as a mobile phone replacement?

Recent Chinese New Year celebrations shows there are different way of celebrating our annual transitions and re-establishing harmony between our needs and desires. Yet there’s also the potential to be surprised both by what continues to hold us as well as the unexpected habits we find easy to leave behind.

Clients coming for treatments during this period of transition appreciate the mentally settling benefits of reflexology as well as the physically grounding opportunities a series of acupuncture appointments provides. Seems regular treatments helps with staying in touch with a stillness that may help with feeling ok as we change.

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Delta Streete BA Hons CMA.

Delta is based in South London and worked for over 6 years as an Acupuncturist and Reflexologist in the NHS and is experienced in working with a range of clients within her general practice.

Qualifications and Experience
Having gained a BA Hons degree she went on to retrain and in 1997 qualified with distinction as a Reflexologist, from a course accredited by the Association of Reflexologists.  Alongside being a full member of the Complementary Medical Association (CMA) , Delta is a certified practitioner with the International School of Reflexology & Meridian Therapy who's teachings are based on traditional acupuncture principles. She also has a diploma in Preconception, Pregnancy & Post Natal Reflexology awarded by the London School of Reflexology. In addition, Delta is a qualified Reflexology & Cancer Care and Spinal Reflexology specialist awarded by Central London College of Reflexology.

Her continuing professional development studies include being trained in and supervising students of auricular acupuncture and gaining the qualification from Yuan Traditional Medicine College to practice facial rejuvenation acupuncture.

In 2007 she became a qualified 5 Tibetan Yogas Facilitator accredited by Lamp on the Path. She currently coaches Mindful Yogas within the Tibetan Yogas tradition privately in South London Chelsea Clapham Batterses Vauxhall. Click here to see Yogas video