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14th August 2022 
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Restorative Rest In A Calm Oasis.

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Where the transformative and soothing touch of Reflexology on your feet hands or face offers renewed balance. Our suite of body treatments yoga and remote coaching all looking to restore and revitalise your wellbeing.


whilst staying in tune with your inner vitality. Through our body work treatments or On Line Coaching our suit of treatments help release ingrained habits to support you with tools to bring you closer to embodying all that feels good for you. Click here for more details.

FACIAL ACUPUNCTURE are safe treatments which encourage your natural healing abilities this non surgical treatment helps reduce the effects of premature ageing, sagging skin, acne, dull or red complexion and many other facial or beauty problems. The Battersea clinic is dedicated to providing bespoke treatments that takes the time to accommodate your needs as a whole person. Facial Acupuncture provides natural facelift solutions to chronic as well as cosmetic health concerns. Regular treatments support your vitality by combining Facial Acupuncture Rejuvenation and Ear Acupuncture remedies alongside Reflexology.

This acupuncture treatment blends targeted relief with the timely reassurance gained from physical touch. It's an approach that ensures yours concerns are heard and each appointment is specifically responsive to your needs which might help with integrating the different aspects that make up your sense of wellbeing. Through the Acupuncture appointments your ability to respond to your health needs are more easily addressed. For more information please click here to visit my Acupuncture page

Reflexology for General Wellbeing
The pace of urban life can make high stress demands on us which if allowed to build unchecked may have detrimental effects on your health. Reflexology Clapham provides natural relief for general aches and pains as well as supporting your self-healing processes.
Regular Reflexology treatments offer you the opportunity to feel more fully integrated with your body and better in tune with your needs.

Preconception, Pregnancy and Post Natal Care Reflexology plus CLINICAL REFLEXOLOGY
Each person responds to reflexology in their unique way, this treatment uses a soothing pressure on your hands or feet to treat the damaging effects of prolonged stress. With a clinic in Battersea / Clapham Reflexology may offer relief from physical discomfort due to pregnancy related disabilities, standing for long periods, sports related problems, repetitious actions, the effects of intensive studying, low-level fatigue that is difficult to fully recover from.

Pre-Conception, Pregnancy and Reflexology Clapham / Battersea
Becoming a parent for the first time or again brings with it exciting possibilities as well as unknown hurdles. When thinking about starting or planning to extend your family either naturally or with medical help such as IVF, Reflexology can work as a central part of plans to get you and help keep your partner in the best possible health.

During pregnancy Reflexology Clapham / Battersea offers ways to relieve excessive stress and discomfort each new phase may bring, be that during preparations to becoming pregnant, during the early stages of your pregnancy, in preparation for the birth, during or immediately after your labour to help reduce pain and aid lactation and even a little later down the line as part of your recovery when much of your attention is on your new baby(ies), perhaps as you find yourself juggling the demands of more than one child and a busy life etc. These soothing, targeted and relaxing treatments are planned to respond to your individual needs, encourage hormonal balance, aid sleep and enhance your sense of well being.

Reflexology Clapham / Battersea treatments also combine well with the home visit yoga South West London service and offer a mindful approach to the demands of modern parenting. Birth Preparation Reflexology and Ante-natal Yoga and Mindfulness in Yoga appointments could be especially helpful to women in the last stages of their third trimester when being based at home and stress management along with anxiety reduction tips are a valuable part of your birth preparations. A mobile home appointment service is available especially for this time.   For details of Clapham / Battersea Reflexology and Mindfulness Yoga South West London Birth Preparation Special Offer see here

MINDFULNESS in TIBETAN YOGAS & ANTE-NATAL YOGA the yoga South West London sessions encourage non-judgemental approaches to strengthening core muscle groups, whilst at the same time developing stamina and increasing your flexibility. The simple yoga postures are part of Tibetan Yogas tradition that become more challenging as you adjust and become more adept. Designed as a stress management these South West London yoga sessions encourage a mindful approach to focusing on building stamina and core stability.

These yoga sessions along with the Reflexology Clapham /Battersea appointments are well suited for pregnant women as the posture challenges adjust and provide support throughout the changing stages of your pregnancy as well as in preparation for the birth. For prices please see here

The yoga South West London sessions covering South West London including Chelsea Clapham and Battersea Mobile Home visit service please click to make a booking For more details please click to visit my Yoga & Ante-natal Yoga page

The Battersea / Clapham Reflexology has good transport links to and from Central as well as across London. Mobile Yoga sessions are Home Visit appointments.
The Battersea/ Clapham Reflexology centre has parking close by and is a few minutes from Clapham Common tube station, within easy reach of Clapham Junction, Battersea Park over ground stations and on Buses routes 35 37 44 156 137 452 87 77 & 345. Click here and scroll to bottom of page for location details