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26th January 2022 
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Needle Free Acupuncture and Yoga Meditation

'Bringing You Home To Yourself and Staying that Way'

We are all living through unsettling times during this pandemic and by carefully nourishing the parts we are aware need support, we can at the same time look after every part of ourselves. Drawing together several decades of client observations along with my advance Reflexology qualifications and certificates in Tibetan Yogas Coaching and Facial Acupuncture Telehealth HOME is a guided self care coaching program.

Telehealth HOME a virtual program is accessed digitally from wherever you choose to be and access wellbeing programs designed to help bring you back to feeling like yourself again. Today we are all too aware of the ever growing

Needle Free Acupuncture Coaching, Racism and AntiRacism concerns & Yoga Meditation courses. All these programs use traditional medicine theory to support participants in finding relief from chronic conditions and expressing your ease of being in ways which make sense for you.

Telehealth HOME: Needle Free Acupuncture
Interrupts the signals sent to and received from within, to bring relief, restorative rest, trauma along with a range of useful tools to help face our uncertainty times. It’s a verbal coaching process no hands on contact is necessary. It’s a verbal coaching process which means hands on contact isn't necessary.

Telehealth HOME: Yoga Meditation with Creative Arts
This structured on line series of challenging tasks adapted to suit your abilities, along with moments of restful integration is a yoga program which allows you to develop a creative dialogue from a place of stillness.

Telehealth HOME: Money Race Prejudices & Resistance
Today the very sensitive issues of institutional racism is more clearly linked to how personal bias impacts on your world. This coaching workshop sets up a safe environment where you're guided to create resilient tools to resolve those vulnerable difficult to transform feelings.

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